Sunday, 7 August 2011

Anwar Can Travel The World to Present His Case, Whatever that is!

Many bloggers follow closely  what the opposition leader, DS Anwar Ibrahim has been doing. This has been so since he was out of the Mahathir's Cabinet. More than two decades past.  And he is still searching for solution to his own problems, be it personally, politically etc. In actual fact, he is still a free man, travelling the world to meet his friends, and presenting his case. after all what are friends for, especilly in this time of need. Since his student days he has established  a vast networking globally and has trusted friends in USA, Europe and in Southeast Asia. So what's wrong with that?

We should be giving him the benefit of a doubt. Truly we should. Let him go wherever he wants to go. Let him meet who he wants to meet. Let him decide what he needs from them. I m not sure whether his action supports claim by his most  so-called enemies as an act of survival. One blogger reported that in one of the recent weeks, Anwar was seen in Indonesia and later in the Phillipines, meeting his friends. Again what's wrong with that. Some bloggers said that Anwar was alleged to have bad-mouthing, meaning saying bad things about Malaysia.

Even so, let those who listen to what he says make the final judgement. His friends are not just ordinary people. They re from all walks of life, from president-materials to veteran academicians. Thinkers and financiers. I am sure they will certainly listen and  decide fot themselves  whether Anwar is telling the truth or otherwise. These highly profiled people would have access to all kinds of information and will make the decision, unless of course they have interests and motives mutually.. Anywar, in life people do have interests, ambitions and sometimes even motives. Anwar is no exception.

The attitude of the current government for not interfering or seen as  not interfering  in whatever Anwar does is quite examplary. No big deal yeah, and let time decide  its natural course. Let's hope the government, notably the Prime Minister . who has been patient all along, will remain so until Anwar finds a solution to his problem, whatever that is.


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