Sunday, 7 August 2011

Anwar Can Travel The World to Present His Case, Whatever that is!

Many bloggers follow closely  what the opposition leader, DS Anwar Ibrahim has been doing. This has been so since he was out of the Mahathir's Cabinet. More than two decades past.  And he is still searching for solution to his own problems, be it personally, politically etc. In actual fact, he is still a free man, travelling the world to meet his friends, and presenting his case. after all what are friends for, especilly in this time of need. Since his student days he has established  a vast networking globally and has trusted friends in USA, Europe and in Southeast Asia. So what's wrong with that?

We should be giving him the benefit of a doubt. Truly we should. Let him go wherever he wants to go. Let him meet who he wants to meet. Let him decide what he needs from them. I m not sure whether his action supports claim by his most  so-called enemies as an act of survival. One blogger reported that in one of the recent weeks, Anwar was seen in Indonesia and later in the Phillipines, meeting his friends. Again what's wrong with that. Some bloggers said that Anwar was alleged to have bad-mouthing, meaning saying bad things about Malaysia.

Even so, let those who listen to what he says make the final judgement. His friends are not just ordinary people. They re from all walks of life, from president-materials to veteran academicians. Thinkers and financiers. I am sure they will certainly listen and  decide fot themselves  whether Anwar is telling the truth or otherwise. These highly profiled people would have access to all kinds of information and will make the decision, unless of course they have interests and motives mutually.. Anywar, in life people do have interests, ambitions and sometimes even motives. Anwar is no exception.

The attitude of the current government for not interfering or seen as  not interfering  in whatever Anwar does is quite examplary. No big deal yeah, and let time decide  its natural course. Let's hope the government, notably the Prime Minister . who has been patient all along, will remain so until Anwar finds a solution to his problem, whatever that is.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Jakarta Post: Malaysia Protest Backers Accused of Communist Plot

Malaysian authorities accused 30 detained opposition members Monday of conspiring to overthrow the government and to revive communist ideologies after the activists were arrested ahead of a banned political rally.
Opposition parties and human rights groups insisted it was a ludicrous accusation aimed at demonizing activists planning a massive street demonstration on July 9 to demand greater electoral transparency.
The detention of the 30 and the allegations against them mark a dramatic escalation in tensions between the government - dominated for decades by the ruling National Front coalition - and its political rivals before the rally, which could become Malaysia's biggest in nearly four years. It comes ahead of national polls widely expected by mid-2012.
Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim urged police Monday to release them, calling the communist claim "a flimsy pretext."
Since Friday, police have detained about 80 people who were distributing political pamphlets, wearing T-shirts that promoted the planned rally or traveling to publicity events in various towns. Some were later released, but police obtained a court order to hold 30 activists for up to a week in northern Penang state.
State police official Abdul Rahim Jaafar said late Sunday that the 30 - who include an opposition member of Parliament - were advocates of communist beliefs. He said they found in a bus with T-shirts bearing the names and images of key figures who waged a communist insurgency that ended in Malaysia decades ago.
The activists are being investigated under a rarely used law that makes it an offense to try to "wage war" against Malaysia's constitutional monarch. They face up to life imprisonment if charged and convicted.
Information Minister Rais Yatim said Monday that authorities needed to take stern action against those involved in the alleged plot, stressing that "communism is outlawed and not recognized in Malaysia," according to the national news agency, Bernama.
A group of independent political activists who are organizing next month's opposition-backed rally issued a statement Monday insisting its intention was not to oust the government but to "make the electoral system truly free and fair."
The arrest of activists was tantamount to a "stark and alarming lack of logic and common sense (that) will further tarnish our nation's image," the group added.
Prime Minister Najib Razak has told Malaysians to avoid what officials would consider an illegal assembly next month, saying it was an opposition scheme to create chaos and undermine the government.
Other Cabinet figures made more ominous warnings. Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said Sunday he could not rule out arresting rally organizers under a law that allows detention without trial if they threaten public security.
The activists' demands include overhauling voter lists and introducing transparent procedures for ballots to be cast and counted. The opposition has long accused Najib's ruling coalition of manipulating election results to preserve its nearly 54-year rule, but the government says current election laws are fair.(Excerpt from the International Headline of Jakarta Post, 27 June 2011).
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Saturday, 18 June 2011


The name of the dead woman is Isti Komariyah, and she was 26. Regardless of whether or not there was an important MoU hanging in the balance, and regardless of whether or not she was a maid, her death would and should still matter. It does not matter that Indonesian maids are also abused and murdered in other countries. It does not matter that some employers or their babies also get abused or murdered by Indonesian maids. For, when it comes to human welfare, this is not a zero-sum game. And though any country can demand for the good treatment of its citizens as a condition of trade, it would be inappropriate to include a promise that justice will be done to those who are wronged as part of that trade agreement. Justice is not supposed to be a commodity that can be bid by the party with deftest negotiation skills or cards with the highest face value.

The role of the MoU should be to smoothen processes and reduce areas that could create friction. Indonesia must regulate maid agencies on its end and ensure that there is no misrepresentation between what was promised and what is delivered. And Malaysia must ensure that all employers understand that a licence to have a maid is not a licence to treat her as a slave. But as one of the biggest importers of labour in Asia, it is also important that Malaysia assure all contributing nations that, in this country, rule of law reigns, and that justice will not be denied to anyone. We must go beyond mere MoUs and institute in law that domestic workers, foreign or local, are workers, too; and that laws and protections apply to them, too. (Excerpt from "Editorial", New Straits Times, 16 June 2011.)

Thursday, 26 May 2011


Indonesian President, Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono

President Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono's fondness for using English instead of Indonesian in his speeches at various national and international events has been highlighted by the media.

In several occasions such as the Asian Summit and the Non Aligned Movement conference, Yudhoyono entertained audiences with his fluency in English.

Law No 24/2009 stipulates that Indonesian was compulsory for the president, vice president and state officials in official speeches.
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has broken his own rule by delivering official speeches in English, Constitutional Court chief Mahfud MD said on Thursday.
Mahfud pointed out that it was not only the Constitution that the President violated, but also his own decree.

"A 2008 presidential decree says that Indonesian should be spoken at international meetings," Mahfud said.
(Jakarta Post 26 May 2011).

Surprised? Not at all. But in Malaysia, PM or other dignitaries  have the freedom to speak their minds in English. Nobody seems to bother anymore, even though repeatedly they have been advised to speak Malay at official domestic functions. Never mind if their English is  suspect. They must and will show that they are and must be seen  eloquent. Forget the Malay language because it is only meant for the akar umbi in the kampungs and the "ceruk rantau." of the country.  Or probably SBY of Indonesia wants to see Indonesian dignitaries speak English more often at any function. Come then, let's  follow the Malaysian flavour.

Friday, 13 May 2011


Zainal Abidin Rasheed, Singapore Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs: Blaming LKY's remarks in Hard Truths for his defeat?

Singapore Senior Ministerof State for Foreign Affairs, Zainal Abidin Rasheed said Malays and Muslims still hurt by MM Lee's remarks in the book "Hard Truths", as repored in The Temasek review 13 may 2011.And it remains so’.

In his first media conference on Thursday after the People’s Action Party (PAP) team was defeated by the Workers’ Party team in Aljunied GRC, Mr Zainul suggested that there were also many residents who voted based on issues above and beyond Aljunied GRC.

On issues concerning the Malay-Muslim community, Mr Zainul said that (although) Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew had felt that his remarks on Malays, Muslims and integration in his recent book, “Hard Truths”, did not affect the Malay support for the PAP negatively.


However, Mr Zainul said Singaporeans need only ask the Malays and Muslims in the country. He said many were hurt by those remarks and remain so.
Mr Zainul said this goes to show how easily the knots of racial harmony in the community can unravel.

Mr Zainul added that while it is unlikely he will stand in the next election due to his age, he will leave it to the party to decide.

He will continue his involvement as Adviser to the Aljunied Grassroots Organisations. Mr Zainul also put to rest the issue of being offered the post of Speaker of Parliament.

He said he will not accept the offer even if the Prime Minister offered it to him.

There are provisions in the Singapore constitution to appoint a non-elected Speaker of Parliament.

There were 40 Responses to “Zainul Abidin Rasheed: Malays and Muslims still hurt by MM Lee’s remarks”. Among others:
If the remarks in the “Hard Truth” hurts our Malay community, why no one highlight this to MM Lee?? Is it the FEAR FACTOR that exist within the ruling party beside to the people?? one wonder……
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  • When We Are United, We'll Never Be Defeated!!!:
The Malays Muslims are still hurt of course in regards to Old Fart’s remarks towards them..
You dont have to be a genius to realise this..
The Malays Muslims too have contributed and sacrificed alot for this country together with Sporeans of other races..
And to belittle them and cast doubts about them is a very very irresponsible act by Old Fart..
The Malays have long memories.. and in the GE, its only right that they go against Old Fart for his stupid comments about them
But sadly there are still quite a number of our Malay Muslims continuing to support Old Fart and the PAP..
Zainul, Georgie Boy, Ah Hua, they are all paying the price now… thanks to their Big Boss Old Fart…
The more Old Fart opens his mouth, the more support Sporeans will give to the Opposition..
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I guessed he’s afraid to tell the truth, as might get dumped from his 3.3million bucks pay by his ‘party’.

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  • too late to open your mouth Zainul...:
Why only come out to say it now? You will not open your mouth if you won in Aljunied won’t you?. The Malay community would be happy if you continue to shut your mouth. Don’t be a munafik/hypocrite can or not? We are sick of you and the rest of the malay MP. And it comes from the bottom of our heart.
You want to know what the community think of you? you are all not worth the pay you are getting. And let me ask you one thing the tv clip in 2006 election and the nomination day 2011 clip both showed you flashing that devil sign. are you a masonic follower? or you suka2 ikut orang buat. It is unbecoming of you as a malay muslim leader to behave that way and you are not exactly a spring chicken by any standard! REPENT!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong during his campaign trail last night.
Interesting! Yesterday I received two letters through e-mail, thought to be from Singapore prior to the Singapore General Election this weekend. The two letters were sent at 11.42 a.m Singapore time with a subject:   Singapore Pte Ltd – a letter Posted by theonlinecitizen on April 25, 2011 

Samuel Lai

Dearest PAP,
You have been running Singapore like a business, like a corporation, where you are the top management, where the people of Singapore are your employees and where all other institutions like education, health and transport, are your subsidiaries. No sir, this is not Singapore Pte Ltd, and we are not working for you.

Every policy that you have come up with has been made with economic growth in mind, i.e., to increase profitability for Singapore Pte Ltd, with retained earnings going into the national reserves.

Our education model has been structured to produce a quality workforce so that we can contribute efficiently and effectively to the nation’s economic growth. You dispense with the arts and concentrate on the commerce and sciences. You bring in plenty of foreigners into our schools so that we have to learn to work and study harder in the face of more competition. And you have succeeded. We now work one of the longest hours in the world with low wages.

This has been done at the expense of social costs. As human beings, we have needs to get married, to start a family, to have kids. As human beings, we have needs for work-life balance, needs for social activities, and needs for communal living. The culture and environment you have so delicately created have come at the expense of those needs. We don’t have time to play football and therefore we suck at it. Ok, in fact we suck at everything that does not make money. And we definitely suck at making children.

When you look at our low fertility rate, which you have so created because of the environment you have made, you try to improve it by offering stop-gap solutions in baby bonuses and tax reliefs. And in fact, the reasons you want the fertility rate to rise is to continue providing quality workers to work for Singapore Pte Ltd, put more money into the reserves through taxes, HDB profits, consumption, investment, i.e. increase Singapore’s GDP.

And of course, the other viable solution is to attract talented foreigners to fill up this institutional void. This causes another set of problems, like whether locals find it harder to get jobs, and whether these diasporic communities will take up citizenship, or leave without further contributing to birth rates. Well, what the hell, talented foreigners are always good for Singapore Pte Ltd.

You privatize our transportation system. You couldn’t run such a basic necessity of a first-world country with the same efficient and effective fervor. So, running it as a private entity was the only viable way? You talk about health tourism. Is that what the health sector is about, making money from foreigners?

Once in a while you declare dividends (grow and share) to appease us, so that we don’t remove you from your managerial posts.
Perhaps the most telling of Singapore Pte Ltd are the KPIs of top management. Our CEO, earning $3 million per annum, has his wages pegged to GDP growth, and so are the wages of the COOs, the CFOs, and the various department heads. Y our main motivation is Singapore Pte Ltd’s profitability. And given that at least 60% of Singapore’s GDP is contributed by Temasek Holdings and GIC, it certainly makes sense to increase the coffers of the national reserves.

It’s all about economic growth, economic growth, and economic growth.
However, countries are not just rated by economic growth. There are many other indicators that one may use to determine a country’s standing in the world, such as the purchasing power of the average citizen, the culture and ease of living, the efficiency of transportation, the range of quality education, the cleanliness of the streets, personal safety risks, and so on and so forth. You have undoubtedly excelled in some areas, but certainly not in others.

You forget that Singapore is not a corporation, but a community of individual human beings who have feelings, who can discern between what is good for us and what is not, what is fair and unfair. We, who have basic needs to have a roof put over our heads, and food to eat, have willingly contributed to your goal of building up the nation’s economy not because we are your employees but because we want Singapore to prosper, to achieve the vision of a first-world nation in which its citizens do not have negative emotions of fear, fear to vote, fear to speak freely, fear of the struggles of putting food on our table.

So, let me remind you, dearest PAP, that we have voted to put you where you are today. This makes us the shareholders. We are social beings, not economic assets. Together, we the citizens of Singapore own Singapore. It is us, the citizens, with our problems of rising costs of living, and not the profitability of the country that you have to care more about. And if you, dearest PAP, continue to run Singapore not as a nation of citizens but as a business, there will come a time when us, the shareholders, the real board of directors, vote you out and replace you with another managemen t team.

Yours sincerely,
A shareholder of Singapore Pte Ltd
A cyber-leaflet campaign through social media meant for Singapore voters, perhaps! A reminder to Malaysian voters in the wake of the country's next general election, expected this year! Will Malaysians become shareholders of Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. if a political party having similar aspirations taking over the reign in Putrajaya? 

Monday, 18 April 2011


Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew at 88 still going strong to join his son's Cabinet should he win Singapore's coming General Election?

PAP strongman Lee Kuan Yew has announced his candidacy in the coming general election despite rising public pressure on him to retire from politics for good. In a video posted on the PAP’s website, Lee said: “I am happy to be still representing Tanjong Pagar.”

At 88 years of age this year, Lee Kuan Yew now holds the record for the world’s oldest living minister and MP. Though he admitted that he is not doing much lately except ‘forecasting’, Lee still commands an annual salary of more than $3 million dollars, or five times that of U.S. President Barack Obama.

It is strange that the PAP has retired quite a number of its MPs in their forties and fifties while retaining the ’services’ of its oldest MP who was said to require the help of younger MPs such as Koo Tsai Kee to ‘help’ him out at his ward’s weekly Meet-the-People sessions.

Ironically, the 55 year old Koo Tsai Kee is retiring from politics after being an unelected MP in Tanjong Pagar GRC for twenty years.

In an online poll conducted on the Temasek Review Facebook, 289 respondents feel that Lee should not contest in the coming GE while 49 support his candidacy. (The Temasek Review, 18 April 2011.

Well, As one reader calling hiself Brotherhood of the snake said,"PAP regime is Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Kuan Yew is PAP regime. The moment he has his last breath, PAP regime will follow him to the grave."

In Malaysia, long-serving politicins like Tok Guru Dato' Nik Aziz Nik Mat of PAS and Lim Kit Siang of DAP are following closely. These two politicians are still "young" compared to Lee's 88 years old. Tun Mahathir Mohamad has lons since retired, even though, people would love to say he still has great influence shaping the nation's political landscape while his "Che Det" blog continues to be followed. This is his voice. If age does matter, then the newly elected Sarawak CM, Pehin Seri Abdul Taib Mahmud is yet to reach his peak in Sarawak politics. He has a long way to go. another decade perhps, to lead his people and yet the oppposition leaders, DAP's Lim Kit Siang in particular wanted him out.

Wonder how these leaders, like Lim Kit Siang or Nik Aziz think of LKY's candidacy and his wish for another five more years. If LKY survives this coming General Election, which is most likely, he will certainly continue to serve his son's Cabinet, probably to be named as Senior Mentor Minister Lee Kuan Yew .

Another TM reader "Xmen" reacted to this story: "His (LKY) recent forecasts have failed quite miserably. Is he forecasting that he can serve another 5-year term? Most people would agree that’s unlikely to happen.Please RETIRE!"

Friday, 1 April 2011


Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (right) orders Interlok editing. At right is Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak, the prime minister.

Civil society groups and other concerned individuals should not be taken in by Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s statement that the Interlok issue has been resolved. In fact, not only is it not resolved but compliance will mean that Interlok could well be extended from its present Zone 2 (Klang Valley) coverage thereafter to Zone 1, Zone 3 and Zone 4 in the rest of the country.

Interlok is a beach head for the Little Napoleons and other Ketuanan bureaucrats to impose their agenda of educational and cultural seppuku on a young captive audience.

Success in imposing Interlok will only encourage these ideologues to move further upstream and inject their indoctrination into the syllabus for the younger forms, and eventually in the primary school curriculum. The History and Moral subjects have already been tampered with. Currently the focus is on language and literature. What will be next?

Muhyiddin’s statement that nobody should politicize or exploit the issue by using NGOs is made in wilful ignorance. The fact is these organizations have been in the forefront of the campaign from the outset. It is not difficult for the Minister to determine the chronology of events with regard to the emergence and growth of public (but hardly any political) consciousness, concern and agitation on the book.

A quick glance at news and reports from the websites will show that civil society organizations such as NIAT, Hartal MSM, and the Centre for Policy Initiatives have provided analysis and public feedback for several months now on the unsuitability of Interlok.

The NGO concern is in sharp contrast to the lack of criticism on the book by public figures. Political parties from both Barisan Nasional and the opposition have been slow or reluctant to discuss the appropriateness of the book as a school text. While the Education Minister and his MCA deputy – the career politicians – have been adamant on its retention, why have the educationists and other Education Ministry officials been largely silent?

In NGOs voicing our concerns on key issues affecting our nation, we do not have any political affiliation or political axe to grind. Neither are we racially motivated because Malay and non-Malay, Muslim and non-Muslim groups are equally concerned as to whyInterlok is being retained when it is clearly in contravention of the Education Ministry and the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka’s own guidelines on textbook and literary work. The Minister should welcome our feedback and seek to engage with us rather than try to intimidate us.

Giving up on the campaign to have the novel discontinued as a compulsory SPM reading is the wrong message to send. Capitulating to the Ministry’s insistence will signal that we do not care for our education system to play a positive role in building social cohesion as is implicit in the 1Malaysia slogan.

NGOs and most particularly the parents should continue with even greater urgency and commitment to have Interlok removed from the classroom. The government has might on its side but might does not make it right. (From "Interlock Issue Is Not Resolved" by Dr. Lim Teck Ghee. 1 April 2011 )

Minister of Education, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will have a lot to say. And so will his deputy, Dr. Fuad Zakashi. Please explain to the public the details of what was discussed by the panel, whoever they were. And the outcome as clear as possible.

The Malays are confused. The Indians are confused and now the Chinese are confused. Interlok, which at first was a problem of one community (the Indians) now becomes multiracial. So, say something, honourable minister and settle it once and for all. Enough is enough. At the same time the government and the opposition alike should give due respect to Dato' Abdullah Huseein, the author.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011


PENULIS (kiri) ketika bertemu Pak Nora di rumahnya di Rawang, Selangor baru-baru ini.(foto: Utusan Malaysia.)

Perjalanan hidupnya panjang dan berliku. Beliau tersisih dari kehidupan dan rakan-rakan. Selepas zaman kemuncaknya dalam dunia sastera beliau kini menjalani kehidupan hari tua yang sepi. Kudrat untuk berkarya semakin susut ditambah pula ingatannya semakin berkurangan.

Demikianlah kenyataan hidup seorang sasterawan Haji Ali Haji Ahmad atau Nora yang pernah mencatatkan nama di persada dunia sastera negara ini.Pertemuan saya dengan Pak Nora kali ini amat berbeza dengan pertemuan dulu terutama ketika beliau masih bertugas di Utusan Melayu. Kini Pak Nora menderita akibat angin ahmar menetap di Taman Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang, Selangor. Pak Nora kini berusia 81 tahun, uzur dan menghidapi alzheimer, perlahan-lahan hilang daya ingatannya. Namun kudrat kemahuannya masih ceria dan bersemangat bercerita tentang sastera , dunia penulisan dan kewartawanan.

Pak Nora lahir di Kampung Sungai Mati, Muar, Johor pada 25 Jun 1927. Mendapat pendidikan Melayu dan Inggeris. Beliau pernah berkhidmat dalam pasukan polis (1951-1959) tetapi kerana minat mendalam dalam bidang penulisan, beliau diberhentikan.Kemudian berpindah ke Kuala Lumpur menceburkan diri dalam bidang kewartawanan di Utusan Melayu pada 1969 hingga 1982. Di samping menulis cerpen, beliau aktif menghasilkan drama (pentas, radio dan tv), novel dan esei. Antara novelnya ialah Puntung Hanyut (1965), Gelodak (1968), Gelandangan (1975) dan Kemarau di Hujung Daun (1977), lktikaf (1994) dan banyak lagi.

Pada tahun 1976, beliau memenangi hadiah ketiga mengarang novel anjuran GAPENA dengan judul Seribu Musim Kering. Cerpen-cerpennya terkumpul dalam kumpulan cerpen perseorangan, Di Kelopak Senja (1973) dan lain-lain lagi. Beliau pernah memenangi beberapa anugerah antaranya Hadiah Sastera Perdana Malaysia, Hadiah Sastera Kumpulan Utusan ExxonMobil dan Hadiah Karyawan Sastera Johor.

Hari ini Pak Nora meneruskan kehidupan yang yang di penghujung. Sejak enam tahun lalu isterinya, Maznah juga terlantar akibat angin ahmar. Dahulu isterinyalah yang membuat kuih-muih tradisional untuk Pak Nora menghantarnya ke gerai-gerai sekitar Ampang Jaya, Selangor. Kini keadaan sudah banyak merubah hidupnya. Kedua-dua mereka terlantar tidak berdaya dan mengharapkan bantuan orang untuk menguruskan hidup.
Apakah dalam mengejar kebendaan masyarakat kita kini, tiada pihak yang menyanjungi insan yang menghasilkan banyak khazanah bangsanya? Saya berharap kita tidak hanya mengenangkan seniman kreatif setelah ketiadaannya. Semoga karya-karya beliau dapat dihayati oleh generasi muda dengan beberapa inisiatif yang boleh difikirkan bersama untuk dihadirkan kembali kepada khalayak.

Saya sebenarnya telah lama berhajat berkunjung ziarah ke rumah Pak Nora. Saya pernah ke rumah beliau di Ampang Jaya dan bermalam di situ pada tahun 1976 dahulu sewaktu melanjutkan pelajaran di Kuala Lumpur.Malah saya pernah berkunjung ke meja penyunting ruangan Sastera Utusan Malaysia/Mingguan Malaysia/Utusan Zaman ketika Pak Nora bertugas di sana. Pak Nora pada ketika itu berkhidmat sebagai wartawan dan penyunting akhbar Utusan Malaysia/Utusan Melayu di Jalan Chan Sow Lin , Kuala Lumpur.

Semarak obor semangat dalam bidang penulisan ketika itu dibajai hasil kunjungan ke pejabat Utusan Melayu sekaligus mendekati Pak Nora yang menjadi kebanggaan kampung halaman kelahiran saya di Johor. Kesan kunjungan itu karya-karya saya yang menggunakan pelbagai nama pena yang memaparkan pelbagai kisah kasih sayang dan masyarakat mendapat tempat di akhbar Utusan Malaysia dalam kolum Secebis Kisah yang dikelolakan Pak Nora.
Walaupun seribu musim datang dan pergi namun kenangan saya kepada Pak Nora tetap segar dalam ingatan. Kami saling berhubung sehinggalah beliau bersara daripada Utusan Melayu pada tahun 1982. Kemudian Pak Nora bergerak cergas dalam pertubuhan Al-Arqam dan mengasuh beberapa penerbitan Al-Arqam dan beberapa penerbitan lain yang bercorak keagamaan dan dakwah.

Kali terakhir saya menemui Pak Nora pada tahun 1987 di majlis baca puisi di UPM Serdang, Selangor. Selepas itu kami berpisah dan tidak kesempatan bertemu. Tetapi baru-baru ini saya berkesempatan berkunjung ke sebuah kedai buku dan menemui sebuah autobiografi kisah hidup Pak Nora yang disusun oleh Zakaria Sungip daripada Penerbitan Galeri llmu.

Pak Nora selepas bersara daripada Utusan Melayu lebih dikenali sebagai "Sasterawan Agama" yang terus menerus mengalirkan tintanya untuk dakwah dan tarbiah. Khalayak bukan hanya membaca fakta, cerita dan kenangannya tetapi turut juga merasakan detak dan nilai rasa, limpahan sungai pengalaman kehidupannya dan sama-sama merasai bahang keyakinan menerusi himpunan tulisan Pak Nora yang sarat dengan nilai dakwah dan tarbiah di media-media dakwah tanah air.

Saya berjaya menghubungi Zakaria Sungip di Galeri llmu dan daripada beliau akhirnya penulis dapat berhubung dengan anak Pak Nora dan menjelaskan keadaan beliau.(Petikan Utusan Malaysia, Pak Nora tabah meredah sengsara Rajiee Hadi, 27 mac 2011).

Orang kata semakin lama kita meniti usia semakin banyak pengalaman mengajar kita. Asam garam hidup sudah semakin hilang masam dan masinnya. Hanya yang tinggal catatan kreatif suka-duka ketika meluahkan rasa dan perasaan. Demikian itu pula tokoh ternama Nora seperti yang diceritakan Rajiee Hadi di atas.

Apakah simpati hanyalah setakt membaca catatan Rajiee atau kita masih berupaya lebih daripada itu.Tidakkah terlintas dalam hati untuk sekadar menjengah bertanya khabar? Nora dalam keadaan uzur memerlukan dukungan moral, paling-paling. Tokoh ternama dalam bidng persuratan tanah air ini tinggal dekat, sekitar di Ibukota, iaitu di Taman Bandar Tasik Puteri,Rawang. Cuma alamatnya tidak dinyatakan kerana Bandar Tasik Puteri Rawang itu daerah yang luas. Malah Bandar Tasik Puteri itu sendiri kira-kira 12 km jauhnya dari pekan Rawang menuju ke Kuala Selangor.

Mungkin Rajiee Hadi boleh membantu memberitahu alamat Nora agar kawan-kawan penulis dapat menziarahi beliau. Dalam saat-saat beginilah Nora memerlukan kita. Minimum, kehadiran kawan-kawan dan peminat sastera akan membantu menghilangkan kesepiannya mengatasi "the deafening silence" yang membingarkannya saban ketika.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


PM Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak, kiri, bersama TS Muhyiddin Yassin, Menteri Pelajaran: Boleh elakkan konflik perkauman melalui cerita-cerita iktibar.

Sebenarnya Melayu bangsa berani. Mereka berani berjuang hingga ke titisan darah terakhir apabila terdesak. Namun persekitaran Semenanjung Tanah Meayu yang aman, dan secara umum orang Melayu bukan bangsa yang 'warlike', bakat keberanian Melayu itu terpendam.

Zaman dulu-dulu orang Melayu berani membuat kapal dan belayar hingga ke Madagaskar. Ketika Jepun menyerang Tanah Melayu, Laftenan Adnan dengan hanya beberapa orang sahaja Rejimen Askar Melayu berjaya menyekat kemaraan tentera Jepun. Laftenan Adnan enggan menyerah dan mempertahankan Bukit Candu hingga mengorbankan nyawanya. Jepun sendiri kagum dengan keberanian beliau. Malah tentera British sudah lama cabut lari.

Hanya dengan 42 orang anggota, Laftenan Adnan yang kekurangan peluru berjaya membunuh 800 tentera Jepun dan menyekat kemaraan Jepun. Mereka lebih rela mati dari menyerah - satu sikap yang mana mencerminkan sifat Jepun sendiri.(Dipetik daripada Blog Sri Tri Buana, 27 Mac 2011).

Memang orang Melayu berani sejak dahulu kala. Ketika pemerintahan Kesultanan Melayu Melaka, ciri-ciri keberanian Melayu dirakamkan melalui penerbitan dan cerita-cerita lisan. Dua buku sejarah bangsa Melayu menampilkan ciri-ciri keberanian itu. Lihat Sejarah Melayu atau Hikyat Hang Tuah. Walaupun ada yang menganggap buku-buku sejarah ini lebih banyak mengandungi cerita mitos, terutama dalam Hikayat Hang Tuah, yang penting adalah moral ceritanya: Keberanian orang Melayu. Watak-watak wira dalam Hikyat Hang Tuah, misalnya menyamai watak-watak wira negara dalam sejarah Eropah, terutama dari Inggeris.

Untuk mengelakkan anggapan bahawa orang Melayu tidak mempunyai watak keberanian, ada baiknya cerita-cerita epik yang penuh keperwiraan dan keperkasaan di negara ini diketengahkan, dimasukkan sebagai buku bacaan wajib atau rujukan wajib dalam silibus di sekolah-sekolah rendah dan menengah. Paling-paling pihak Kementerian Pelajaran memilih judul-judul wira ini sebagai judul-judul wajib dalam mata pelajaran Sejarah atau Bahasa Melayu.

Semangat kewiran itu penting ditanamkan kepada anak-anak muda generasi hari ini. Hanya dengan cara ini pemikiran yang berbau politik dan berpihak dapat dipinggirkan. Rakyat Malaysia tidak rela disebut: Apabila orang Melayu bercakap tentang kaumnya, ia dianggap perkauman, tetapi apabila orang bukan Melayu bercakap tentang kaumnya, ia adalah "human rights".

Sudah sampai waktunya untuk semua rakyat di negara ini bercakap dalam satu bahasa, sebgai rakyat yang cintakan keamanan dan kedamaian. Dan tidak terikut-ikut dengan rentak sosio-politik negara luar.Kementerian Dalam Negeri, terutamanya perlu lebih tegas mempastikan setiap hak individu di negara ini terjamin keselamatannya, bebas daripada sebarang sengketa atau konflik perkauman.


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